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Farmtrac Champion
World Class Tractor…
For First Class Farming
Performance data Powerful Engine
Rated engine power 39 HP category
No. of cylinders 3
Bore x Stroke (m.m) 91x110
Type of Gear Box Constant mesh gears (8+2)
Road Speed (At 2200 engine R.P.M. with rear tyre size 12.4x28)
Maximum speed 29.2 k.m./Hr.
Minimum speed 2.7 k.m./Hr.
Speed 540 RPM (on 1710 engine RPM)
Optional Dual speed P.T.O.
Fully automatic depth & draft control 1500 k.g.
weighing capacity at horizontal linkage
:6.00x16-8 PR
Rear 12.4x28-8PR
Fully sealed, water proof, dry disc brakes.
Best in 39 H.P. category.
It takes less time for more ploughing.
More deeper ploughing capacity in its category.
Unbeatable pulling power makes haulage of trolleys easy.
Powerful hydraulic capacity helps lift more goods and plough deeper with higher speed.
High engine life due to helical air passage to engine which reduces pressure on engine parts.
Re-entrant life due to helical air passage to engine which reduces pressure on engine parts.
Ring carrier and side drain pistons" help piston to be re-used after first overhaul. Side drain piston also reduces oil consumption.
Cross-flow design blows out burnt gases completely and low temperature near valves enhances durability.
Mechanical governor in diesel pump saves fuel and gives power with every drop of diesel.
World Class Comfort
World class tractor exported to America,
Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and NewZealand.
Fully sealed disc brake and front axle for total safety and freedom from recurring expenses.
Side opening bonnet for easy servicing.
Heavy front axle ensures safety by stopping the tractor- front from lifting up.
Specially deigned adjustable front axle facilities ease of use in every situation.
Tractor starts only in Neutral. This unique feature ensures extra safety and prevents accidents.
For long lasting shine, special coating using C.E.D. paint technology.
" Comfortable deluxe seat adjustable as per driver's height and weigh.
" Constant mesh gear box makes gear shifting easy and comfortable as in a car.
" Tilted / rectangular foot platform for comfortable driving.
" Specially designed steering does not make you tired even after long hours of work.
" Properly mounted halogen headlight for maximum visibility at night.
" Smoke-less engine eliminates the problem of smoke on driver's face while driving.
" Bigger fuel tank that last longer after refuelling.
Some equipments, which are listed or shown in the leaflet, may not be available as general fitment in every region. For more detail, please contact your nearest dealer.
2 months or 1500 hours of working, whichever is earlier. Six months warranty on parts, when installed at an Escorts Authorised Dealership. Contact us for more details on warranty.
Note: specifications and features detailed above are subject to change without prior notice.
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