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  In 1960, our parent company, Escorts, set up the strategic Agri Machinery Group (AMG) to venture into tractors.
  In 1965, we rolled out our first batch of tractors under the brand name of Escort.
  In 1969 a separate company, Escorts Tractors Ltd., was established with equity participation of Ford Motor Co., Basildon, UK for the manufacture of Ford agricultural tractors in India.
  In the year 1996 Escorts Tractors Ltd. formally merged with the parent company, Escorts Ltd.
  Since inception, we have manufactured over 1 million tractors.


  Escorts AMG has three recognized and well-accepted tractor brands, which are on distinct and separate technology platforms.
  Farmtrac: World Class Premium tractors, with single reduction and epicyclic reduction transmissions from 34 to 75 HP.
  Powertrac: Utility and Value-for-money tractors, offering straight-axle and hub-reduction tractors from 34 to 55 HP. India's No.1 economy range - engineered to give spectacular diesel economy.
  Escort: Economy tractors having hub-reduction transmission and twin-cylinder engines from 27 to 35 HP. Pioneering brand of tractors introduced by Escorts with unbeatable advantages.

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